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#Review: The Sea Beast

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Out on Netflix right now is The Sea Beast. Starring Zaris-Angel Hator, Karl Urban, Jared Harris and Marianne Jean-Baptiste this sea adventure is one of the dark horses of 2022.

In The Sea Beast, there are sea beasts and there are hunters. Hunters bring down these massive monsters for the kingdom’s safety. One of these particular groups of hunters is the crew of the Inevitable led by Captain Crow (Harris). Crow has vengeance on his mind and it has been brewing for three decades. A particular sea beast is on his mind one that left a lasting impression. Assisting him is first mate Sara (Jean-Baptiste) and his adopted son Jacob (Urban) who was a lone survivor of a sea beast battle from years ago.

On the way to capture this legendary quarry, they find themselves with a new young crewmate. This new ward iss Maisie (Zaris-Angel Hator). She has a legacy of her own which she wishes to live up to and hopes to make a name for herself on the Inevitable.

You can be a hero and still be wrong

The Sea Beast is a hit for me. From the design of each sea beast to each ship that does battle with them this film is a visual feast. There is a moment in this film that feels straight out of Kong: Skull Island and it was absolutely brilliant. There are also multiple scenes that if frozen could be paintings. One moment with Jacob, Maisie and a sea beast will stay with me because of its distinct visual flair.

The Sea Beast also has a lot of emotional weight to it. The film does not shy away from the danger of these monsters and their battles with humanity. You see the toll it is taking on the world through the eyes of Captain Crow. He is a man who has lost so much because of the sea beasts and has dedicated himself to their destruction. He has to be reigned in by Jacob and when Jacob leaves his side you can see his inner Ahab come out. It’s a fascinating journey and he is one of three characters in this film you follow.

Our dynamic duo of Jacob and Maisie are a wonderful pair to follow. They both teach each other valuable life lessons and they both grow exceptionally because of each other. It’s a beautiful partnership with a sweetness at its centre.

The Sea Beast is one of those films. A film you will likely not hear enough about even though it is easily one of the best films of the year. With so many people talking about the disappointing Jurassic World Dominion and the unimpressive Lightyear The Sea Beast demolishes them with a tidal wave of style, emotion and wonder.

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