Trailer: 22 Jump Street Red Band Trailer has landed

The Red Band trailer for Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s s 21 Jump Street sequel has arrived. The title leaves little to the imagination but is better than 21 Jump Street 2 would have been, so we can’t slap them around too much for that.


The movie sees Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) return to undercover work in the educational system but as explained, rather eloquently, by Ice Cube’s Captain Dickson they are too old for high school so they are placed in a university. It seems as though the plot is not straying far from that of the original and they make light of it in the trailer so we can expect a similar delivery in terms of comedy this time around. With characters like Rob Riggle’s Mr Walters returning this should manage to entertain much like the first one.


Like it or loathe it 21 Jump Street entertained and is a winning formula; if the trailer tells us anything it’s that reinventing the wheel ain’t on the menu, but dick jokes and uncomfortable bromances are par for the course. Gotta love its honesty.