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#ADIFF17: Red Carpet Report – The Secret Scripture

The Audi Dublin International Film Festival this year has been outstanding. We were lucky enough to be on the red carpet of Jim Sheridan’s latest film The Secret Scripture starring Rooney Mara, Jack Reynor, Eric Bana, Vanessa Redgrave, Aidan Turner, and Theo James. We chatted with star Eric Bana and director Jim Sheridan.

So, Eric, you worked with Vanessa Redgrave what was that like working with her?

It’s always a thrill when you get to work with actors from that generation and I’ve been lucky enough to do it a few times. You don’t take it for granted because it’s something special, it was a special character for her and a big project for Vanessa so it was great to work so intimately with her. It was a pretty pivotal relationship in terms of the film so that was exciting.

As you said there the role was quite pivotal what kind of experiences did you have as the role expanded during the film?

Yeah, well it changed from the time I read it to the time we came to shoot it and then on the set it was different again and in the editing process it was different again so like I say when you’re working with someone like Jim (Sheridan) you surrender yourself to that process and trust that it’s their project and the final film will be as they choose.

The Secret Scripture ADIFF 2017

So Jim what was it like working with so many talented actors?

Great, amazing you know I didn’t have to do anything except turn up and have my breakfast.

So the story, like you said, is about a mother and a son is there anything else that resonated in the story from Sevastian (Barry)?

The whole Irish history you know, the mental asylum, the child you know it’s a very powerful book, it’s very long so if I was to be faithful to it it would probably have to be an eight-hour television series you know.

And what kind of process did you have to go through to choose these actors to portray these characters on screen, who was the most important in your eyes?

I think Vanessa Redgrave was the one that anchored it and then probably Rooney Mara and then Eric (Bana) and then on down like that, Jack Reynor obviously so you know just everybody’s important.

And what’s it like, you being Irish, bringing this back home?

Great, I think it’ll be very interesting how they feel tonight, we’ll see how it goes. It’ll be interesting.

Well, listen Jim have a fantastic evening.

Thanks very much and good luck to you.

The Secret Scripture will be released in Irish cinemas, via Wildcard Distribution, on March 24th.