Irish Film London bringing Patrick’s Day and One Million Dubliners to the English capital

Next month Irish Film London will bring two IFTA award winning features to London, Terry McMahon’s powerful drama Patrick’s Day and Aoife Kelleher’s touching documentary One Million Dubliners.

Patrick’s Day will show in the Tricycle Theatre on Saturday 18th July at 8pm, with the director, producer and some of the cast present for a Q&A session afterwards. This showing will mark the film’s English premiere.

The critically acclaimed film stars Moe Dunford, Kerry Fox, Catherine Walker and Philip Jackson. Moe, who was honoured at the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year, plays a young man with mental health issues who becomes intimate with a flight attendant (Walker) with her own demons. When his obsessive mother (Fox) finds out she enlists a dysfunctional detective (Jackson) to separate them. Patrick’s Day is a provocative love story which explores the right to intimacy.

One Million Dubliners will show in the same venue on the following night, Sunday 19th July at 6pm. Again the director and producer will be present for a Q&A session after the screening.

One Million Dubliners is a documentary like no other, touching on stories celebrating life, mourning death, examining belief, and exploring love and loss. The film introduces the audience to a range of extraordinary characters, both living and dead, and with a firm focus on life, it delves into the business of death.

Glasnevin Cemetery is Ireland’s national necropolis, home to over one million people who by their final resting place, are honorary Dubliners. The cemetery has a remarkable history that makes it one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions, along with being a place that evokes profound emotions for its regular visitors. One Million Dubliners reveals the often unspoken stories of ritual, love, loss, redemption, emotion and history.

Irish Film London presents the latest and greatest of Irish Film & Animation to a London audience. The organisation runs events through the year, including the film section of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival with the GLA, and its activities then culminate in the 5 day Irish Film Festival London in November each year. For more information on Irish Film London check out their website.