#Training: 5-week screenwriting course with Film in Cork from October 31st

Film In Cork have announced they will host a five-week Screenwriting evening class from October 31st, 2018. This course is for new-to-intermediate level screenwriters who are keen to expand their storytelling knowledge and abilities.

The five-week course will increase participants’ understanding of modern screenwriting standards and will help to develop their approaches and skills by way of a detailed exploration of screenwriting’s main interrelating elements:

  • Story Premise – dramatic conflict, thematic conflict and tension.
  • Character Journey – types of conflict, character change and near-change.
  • Character Nature – understanding character behaviour, depth and relatability.
  • Story Structure – arranging the scene, sequence, act and feature-length narrative.
  • Dialogue – moving the story, revealing character, assisting tension and subtext.

The course features case studies of three films (two original screenplays by male and female writers, and one adaptation), demonstrating different approaches and techniques relating to the different story elements. The course also appreciates the script reader’s perspective, helping to strengthen participants’ understanding of industry expectations.

The course will be lead by Patrick O’Driscoll, an independent story analyst and script editor known for maximizing the potential of emerging film projects.  As script editor, O’Driscoll collaborates closely with writers and producers from Ireland, the UK, the US and Australia on projects of all genres and formats and at different stages of development. O’Driscoll also consults with Irish and UK film/TV funding organizations, helping to assess and support commercial and artistic projects by established and emerging writing talent.

The five-week programme kicks off on Wednesday, October 31st and runs until Wednesday, November 28th from 7:30pm to 9:30pm in Civic Trust House, Pope’s Quay, Cork. The course costs €60 and those interested can contact