Masterclass with John Connors

#Education: Acting and Personal Development Masterclasses with John Connors

Award-winning Irish actor John Connors and psychologist Tiernan Williams have put together a new “Acting & Personal Development Masterclass” that offers some exciting features that the beginner and advanced artist will appreciate.

The course includes 2 full days working directly with Connors. In these two days, expect to be both challenged and rewarded with a better understanding of you as a person, in the context of the characters you develop. To this end he will present a selection of techniques that he has learned from some of the best professionals in the industry.

Connors is a co-owner of Cluster Fox Films, a radical new film and documentary production company. This company has allowed Connors to develop project ideas, which might not have had the opportunity to be made from other film-making avenues.

As part of the two day Masterclass, Cluster Fox Films will record each persons development and produce for them a small show reel from the workshop. Each participant will also receive a listing with Cluster Fox Films inviting them for casting calls for up-and-coming films and documentaries created by the company.

Cluster Fox Films and John Connors support talent discovery. A third day will be offered to produce a short film, from the best script wrote by a person on each two day workshop to help showcase their talents.

Tiernan Williams will assist the master class attendees gain awareness and insight to hidden psychological processes. It’s impossible to identify with another person’s life, without first knowing what lies beneath, within our own.

Recognising one’s own internal psychological processes allows for a more robust acting style. Williams will finish teaching quick skills to help actors get into the zone and nail that performance every time, without fail.

The workshops will be delivered over two consecutive days, usually a Saturday and Sunday. This programme will be offered on a first come basis and will be restricted to 12 people. This is necessary to ensure that the appropriate attention is given to each participant in the workshop. The workshop will be formatted in a way to maximise the potential for personal growth and to develop better acting skills, from the knowledge that this creates.

Topics covered will include:


Acting skills and character development are central to this workshop. In order to improve these professional domains, it will be important to gain insights to individual and group dynamics. This process fosters better self awareness of you, as both an individual and also a social creature.

Psychological and Gestalt techniques will also be used to uncover psychological processes, which will assist you, understand characters and roles much better. We will also use self expression and confidence building exercises, to assist you to reduce your anxiety and gain access to that inner part of yourself that delivers more authentic performances. Relaxation and advanced breathing techniques, will teach you to ground yourself and focus even in the most demanding of environments.


This two day workshop is skills centred, but also offers a very intense psychological experience for the attendees and for this reason it may not be suitable for everyone. It is important to understand that alongside acting skills, there is a strong emphasizes been paid to self development and personal awareness. The importance of self awareness is fundamental in creating robust character portrayals. To understand the processes that drives your behaviours and emotions, will allow you to recognise these in others. This workshop essentially helps you achieve a unique psychological tool kit, that you can use to get deeper in to your roles. The advanced acting skills and techniques that this workshop teaches, should help you get one step closer to harnessing that award-winning performance

The workshop will also be filmed using professional camera’s, lighting and sound equipment. Your individual show reel from the workshop will also be edited and graded to the highest standard to help you enhance your marketability.

Cluster Fox are also looking to make one short 5 minute film from the best script written, by a person who attends each 2 day workshop.

Check out the course’s Facebook page or contact for more details.