Screen Training Ireland

#Training: Mentoring Skills for Animation/VFX

Screen Training Ireland and Animation Skillnet are seeking applications from animation and VFX companies for a Mentoring Skills programme.  This course is designed to address issues around talent management and the development of organisational mentoring programmes.

The course will take place over two days; the initial day (Tuesday 19th September) is aimed at senior managers, while the second day (Friday 29th September) is aimed at HODs, supervisors and those tasked with training, mentoring and talent development in organisations. Day One will include company consultations to discuss specific mentoring requirements in the individual organisations.

The purpose of the programme is to:

– Enhance management and mentoring capability/skill levels within the target organisations

– Support the development of career pathways within the target organisations

– Improve staff retention as part of an overall talent management process

– Facilitate the implementation of structured mentoring programmes.

DAY 1 – Senior Executives

The aim of this workshop is to help the Senior Executives from each organisation understand the key aspects of mentoring and, from that, develop a clear plan for the implementation of a mentoring programme within their own organisation which can then be rolled down to general staff.

Key Areas:

  • What problem are you trying to solve?

What are the organisational requirements for a mentoring programme?/Developing from within, or recruiting from the outside?

  • Best-practice mentoring programmes

Key attributes/How does this fit with talent management?/Defining “talent”/Coaching vs mentoring/Psychometrics and Assessments/Confidentiality/Reporting

  • What is your “best practice” mentoring programme? Brainstorming the key parameters of a mentoring programme

Who-What-Where-When-How/Choosing mentors/Choosing mentees/Choosing Personal Development Tools/Assigning relationships

  • How will this fit with current and future talent and performance management processes?

Is being a mentor a requirement for promotion?

  • The role of the Senior Executive Team

Role modelling/Creating conditions/Culture/Ensuring time and space

  • Ownership and next steps

DAY 2 – Mentors

Based on the outcomes of Workshop 1 for Senior Executives, Workshop 2 seeks to brief selected mentors from the organisation on the agreed mentoring process for their organisation and how it will be implemented. The focus will, therefore, be less on co-creation and more on the role of the mentors and on the “mechanics” of a mentoring relationship.

Key Areas:

  • What is mentoring?

Key terminology/What mentoring is not!

  • What is mentoring at your company?

Why is the company doing this?/Company expectations/How will this benefit you?

  • Roles & Responsibilities?

Mentor/Mentee/“skip level manager”

  • The mentoring process: planning and structuring a mentoring relationship

Getting started/Planning and structuring a mentoring conversation/Goal setting/Achieving goals and meeting expectations/Closing and moving on

  • Key elements of positive mentoring

Trust, time, dialogue, sharing

  • Confidentiality and disclosure
  • Practicing a mentoring conversation: role-play
  • What are your fears and concerns?
  • What if it does not work?

Application Procedure:

Please register online at  Deadline for applications:  Friday 1st September 2017.  For further details, contact Sorcha Loughnane at, or call (01) 6798040.

Participant Profile:

This course is aimed at senior management teams and supervisors/HODs/trainers in animation/VFX studios who wish to understand the purpose, process and benefits of mentoring in their organisation, and enhance their skills in effective mentoring.

Tutor: Laurie Knell

Course Date: Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Course Duration: 2 Days

Venue: Dublin TBC

Location: Dublin

Cost: €75