Screen Skills Ireland

#Training: RTÉ and Screen Skills Ireland commence Multi-Camera Drama Directing Programme

RTÉ, in partnership with Screen Skills Ireland, has announced that the Multi-Camera Drama Director Training Programme has commenced. Running until June 2019, the programme provides an opportunity for the candidates to go through a structured training course, preparing them to direct episodes of RTÉs ongoing drama, Fair City.

The participants (Janna Kemperman, Jason Branagan, Louise Lowe, and Megan Fox) will gain drama, comedy and performance experience to direct in a multi-camera studio environment.  Having already undergone the first part of the programme, a 12-day studio, location and editing training programme delivered by BBC Director, Clive Arnold (Eastenders), the directors will now take part in a five-week shadow directing period and, a five-week mentored directing period in preparation to become a regular director on RTÉ’s Fair City.

We’re delighted to partner with RTÉ on this much needed skills development initiative. The programme methodology is very much hands-on, including a fantastic shadow directing opportunity that will ensure that the participants complete the programme equipped with the skills required to direct on a multi-camera drama production like Fair City.
Gareth Lee, Manager, Screen Skills Ireland

We are thrilled to have such talented directors join our team. This training provides them with the opportunity to develop extensive new skill sets and, in return, our production gains a much wider pool of top-class multi-camera drama directors to draw from, it’s a win win.
Shirley Dalton, Series Producer – Fair City