Festival: Behind The Scenes strand at Audi Dublin International Film Festival

The 2016 Audi Dublin International Film Festival will celebrate the work and achievements that go into bringing film and broadcast content to life. The strand, aptly entitled “Behind The Scenes” will consist of Industry Panels, Seminars and Master Classes and allow audiences a glimpse of what goes into bringing films and stories to life.

This strand enjoys a broad focus, whether you are a filmmaker, film student or just a film enthusiast, touching on subjects from film programming, screenwriting and cinematography to history on film, emerging technologies, classification and music composition. ADIFF is thrilled to be joined by such noted guests as Oscar Nominated Screenwriter and Playwright, Sir David Hare, Oscar winning Composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek and double Oscar winning Cinematographer Chris Menges.

Given the year that is in it, History on Film is a key theme throughout the programme and will be the subject of a panel discussion hosted by Pearse St. Library. “Seen, but Unnoticed” is a reunion event for those who took part in the production of Michael Collins, reuniting 20 years on to share memories and anecdotes from their time on set. 1916 At The Pictures will see City Hall turned into a cinema for a triple bill of Charlie Chaplin films that were screening in one of the many cinemas on O’Connell St at the outbreak of the Rising.

This year ADIFF is presenting not one, but two exhibitions of photography. Patrick Redmond, 25 Years will celebrate the work of our Festival Photographer and his extensive catalogue of wonderful guest portraits dating back to early 90s. Our second photography exhibition #Setlife aims to highlight and celebrate the highly skilled and hardworking crews working on location, on set and very long hours through key moments snapped to allow audiences to take a peek at life in production on various film and television projects.


Master Classes (in association with Screen Training Ireland)

David Hare: “Telling Details” – A Writer’s Master Class

Date/ Time: Saturday 20th February at 11:00am
Location: The Teachers’ Club, Parnell Square West, Dublin 1
Tickets: €25 apply via Industry@diff.ie
Host: Malcolm Campbell

Information: A unique opportunity to hear directly from one of Britain’s most prolific writers for both stage and screen. This is a fantastic opportunity for writers, both of original screenplays and anyone seeking to adapt works for the screen. As part of this Master Class, the components of plot, character and structure can be dissected and explored. This Master Class will focus on approaches to Screen writing and delve deeply into the various elements that are integral to the delivery of a quality screenplay.

Chris Menges: “Scenes Being Believed” – A Cinematographer’s Master Class

Date/ Time: Sunday 21st February at 12:00pm
Location: The Lir Academy, Pearse St, Dublin 2
Tickets: €25 apply via Industry@diff.ie
Host: Irish Society of Cinematographers

Information: This Master Class will draw on the tutor’s vast experience, working across difference genres, formats, locations and environments. The aim is to bring this knowledge to bear in a context that will teach the participants about invaluable collaborative dynamics between a director and their Cinematographer. It will also aspire to touch on a cinematographer’s tools of the trade, traditional methodologies and how story and character should influence the look of the piece as opposed to format or the latest technological toys.

ScreenTest (in association with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI))

Rebellion: From Script to Screen

Date/Time: Monday 22nd February at 13:30
Location: The Teachers’ Club, 36 Parnell Street West, Dublin 1
Tickets: €7 / Book Online at diff.ie

Information: A landmark television production, Rebellion marked the beginning of the 1916 centenary programming from RTE. Boasting an all-star cast it focuses on the days surrounded the Rising and various protagonists from different backgrounds, loyalties and ideals. The series weaves fictional characters in amongst more well known historical characters and makes excellent use of multiple and well known locations, such as Dublin Castle, the G.P.O. and Collins Barracks. The Audi Dublin International Film Festival is delighted to be joined by Writer Colin Teevan, Producer Catherine Magee, Costume Designer Alison Byrne as well as some of the key crew to look back on the shoot and discuss the various production stages. Beginning with script, casting and scheduling right through to principal photography and post delivery, location shooting during the summer in Dublin’s city centre.

BYOD Bring Your Own Device

Date/Time: Wednesday 24th February at 13:30
Location: The Teachers’ Club, 36 Parnell Street West, Dublin 1
Tickets: €7 / Book Online at diff.ie

Information: Like it or not, mobile devices are now an integral part of our day to day lives. While some people simply long for a time when phones simply made and received calls, the reality is fast moving toward the virtual, or even the augmented. Google Cardboard, vlogging, 360° video and mojo journalism, and even the film industry itself are all now extending the use of mobile devices and are pushing boundaries on a daily basis. Join our panel of experts as they help talk through the jargon and discuss how new cutting edge apps will rapidly become the thing you cannot live without. Come and discover how that little device you have been watching funny cat videos on, is really an invaluable tool that can help you access a wealth of information. It has been said that constant mobile device use is isolating and restricting human contact.

Explicit Content

Date/Time: Friday 26th February at 13:30
Location: The Teachers’ Club, 36 Parnell Street West, Dublin 1
Tickets: €7 / Book Online at diff.ie

Information: With the landscape of broadcast and cinema constantly changing, approaches to classification and content regulation require constant appraisal. This panel discussion aims to take an in-depth look at the various factors that must be applied to both film classification and content regulation for broadcast. Issues like classifications on youth targeted films, depictions of violence on television, or codes of fairness can be explored and expanded upon to present a unique opportunity to see how and why decisions are reached. This panel will comprise of experts from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, the Irish Film Classification Office and from the media who can discuss the various aspects of managing complaints, adherence to regulations for youth audiences all while maintaining the balance for freedom of expression.

Special Events

Cinema Snapshots / With Sunday Miscellany & Dublin City Libraries

Date/Time: Sunday 7th February at 09:10, radio broadcast and online podcast on RTE.ie

Information: Going to the cinema is a unique and sometimes magical experience. It can transport you out of your seat; at Q&As your mind can be opened up to the worlds of the director, the actor, the screenwriter. We asked writers and poets involved with Dublin City Libraries writing groups to share their experiences of cinema in Dublin. The collective responses have been unique and personal insights, of those transportive moments in front of the silver screen. Tune into Sunday Miscellany on Sunday the 7th February at 9.10am to hear the winning submission from the Library groups. This special edition of the show will also feature well-known Irish Filmmakers, Lecturers, Presenters and Writers who will provide their own perspectives on what the cinema and film in Dublin means to them. John Connolly, Ciaran Carton and Ruth Barton will be amongst the film-loving guests on air on Sunday 7th February.

#SetLife / Photography Exhibition

Date/Time: Thursday 18th – Sunday 28th February
Location: Light House Cinema, Market Square, Smithfield, Dublin 7.

Information: #SetLife is an exhibition of photography from behind the scenes of various Irish film and television productions. There is a wealth of talent within the Irish Film & TV Industry, both behind and in front of the camera and it is this talent that the Audi Dublin International Film Festival wishes to recognise and celebrate though its exhibition #SetLife. Presented in association with Lovemovies.ie on behalf of the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, this exhibition will run in the Light House Cinema, Smithfield and will be displaying a selection of photographs taken on Irish sets by various cast and crew members of day-to-day life on set. #SetLife aims to capture the scale of work that goes into bringing something from script to screen, and the army of people across various departments who work tirelessly to make it all happen.

Dublin Here, Dublin There

Date/Location: Saturday 20th February in Dublin Public Library, Dublin Texas / Friday 26th February in Dublin Arts Centre, Dublin Ohio/ Friday 26th February in Pulaski County Library System, Dublin Virginia

Information: ADIFF has a strong history of successful outreach programmes and has a fantastic reputation of working with festivals around the world. In 2016, we plan to further our outreach strands by bringing the festival to international locations within the festival dates. We propose to do this by connecting towns and villages around the world that share the name of Dublin. Through this journey we have allied with the wonderful communities of Dublin in Ohio, Texas and Virginia – who have each offered us their knowledge, resources and venues to help share a programme of the best Irish shorts with audiences in the US. Through this programme we wish to enliven Dublin communities globally, with some of the festival magic and exclusive experiences that ADIFF can offer. The project aims to strengthen the festival’s connection, and indeed Dublin (Ireland!)’s connection with these communities to bring awareness as well as Ireland’s love of cinema, to the greater worldwide diaspora. (Image link below in Notes for Editor)

Programming For Programmers

Date/Time: Friday 19th February at 14:00
Location: The Teachers’ Club, 36 Parnell Street West, Dublin 1
Tickets: €7 / Book online at diff.ie

Information: Chaired by Hugh Murray (Pavilion Theatre), join Mark Adams (Artistic Director, Edinburgh Film Festival), Nashen Moodley (Festival Director, Sydney Film Festival), Gregg M.Schwenk (CEO and Executive Director Newport Beach Film Festival) and Ania Trzebiatowska (Artistic Director PKO Off Camera & Manager of Acquisitions for Visit Films) for an afternoon of insight into the world of programming with some of the best international Artistic Directors. From the moving puzzle of international distribution to inviting guests and the challenges of the red carpet, these experts will discuss the exciting quirks of their roles and the subtly of programming. This event is a networking opportunity for new and advanced programmers to meet each other and to gain perspective from top festival professionals. Discuss the ins and outs with your fellow curators and dissect audience strategies with creative minds. So, bring your notebooks and a head full of questions for what promises to be a dynamic panel.

Dublin Film Critics’ Circle Awards and Film Discussion

Date/Time: Sunday 28th February at 16:00 (45 minutes)
Location: Savoy Room 29, North City, Dublin
Tickets: Free Event / Book Online at diff.ie

Information: Established in 2006, The Dublin Film Critics’ Circle offers the nation’s full-time professional film journalists an opportunity to share opinions on recent releases, ponder the year’s award contenders and discuss which is the most depressing Ulrich Seidl film. Join the critics as they mull over the highlights of ADIFF 2016 and name their final selections for Best Film, Best Director, Best Irish Film, Best Documentary and Best Performances from the festival programme. This year, a jury that includes Daniel Anderson (Click), Brogen Hayes (movies.ie), Paul Whitington (Irish Independent), Nicola Timmins (Average Film Reviews), John Maguire (The Sunday Business Post), Donald Clarke (The Irish Times), David Turpin (nomoreworkhorse.ie) and DFCC president Tara Brady (The Irish Times) will, additionally, announce the recipient of the seventh Michael Dwyer Discovery Award, named for our late friend and colleague. The 2016 awards are presented in association with Lovemovies.ie on behalf of the Industry Trust for IP awareness.

Pat Redmond, 25 Years / A Celebration

Date: Tuesday 16th February – Wednesday 16th March
Location: The Georgian Society, 58 South William Street, Dublin 2 and The Powerscourt Centre, 59 South William Street, Dublin 2

Information: In a world increasingly dominated by the snap, selfie and speed shot, how refreshing it is to celebrate the work of a true master of the art of film portrait photography, who has provided Dublin’s film festival, in its numerous guises over the past quarter century, with an indelible and invaluable photographic record of the extensive and eclectic array of filmmakers who have graced the festival’s carpets of various hues over that period.

[quote titel=”David McLoughlin – DFF Festival Manager 91-96″]I had the distinct pleasure of first meeting Pat Redmond in 1991, his preliminary year of engagement with the then AccBank Dublin Film Festival, witnessing at first hand his commitment to capturing on film a collection of portrait shots of the many leading industry luminaries attracted to Dublin by its audiences’ renowned warm engagement with visiting film-makers. All were, to a person, both impressed and flattered by the man they just referred to as Pat, whose background research on each guest and their film, and his relentless attention to detail in securing the most interesting and intelligent location for their photo-shoot, created a photographic record worthy of the best portrait photography collections. From those heady early years, when I fondly remember Pat on occasion literally running out of film (for those of a certain age consult your elders) creating unique portraits of diverse guests – in one particular year for example ranging from Oliver Stone to Krzysztof Kieslowski to Chuck Jones, right through the nineties, into the last decade with the launch of the Dublin International Film Festival, and from JDIFF to ADIFF, the too-long-to-list roll of Pat’s subjects and their portraits, from Andrews to Wenders, is in itself a definitive photographic montage of almost three decades of the world’s leading filmmakers. For that reason this self-effacing man behind the lens deserves our praise.[/quote]

History on Film

Seen But Unnoticed / A Reunion of the Background Artists and Extras of Michael Collins

Date/Time: Saturday 20th February at 12:00
Location: The Teachers’ Club, 36 Parnell Street West, Dublin 1
Tickets: Free event / Please email industry@diff.ie to register your interest

Information: They came by the busload, graciously offering time for free and supplementing the period costumes with clothes they brought themselves in order to participate in one of the most ambitious undertakings of Irish Cinema history, Neil Jordan’s Michael Collins. The now iconic production painstakingly recreated some of Dublin’s historic landmarks such as the GPO and Croke Park and vital to delivering the authenticity of such settings were thousands of extras breathing life and vibrancy into the piece. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this remarkable production, the Audi Dublin International Film Festival would like to extend an invitation to those who took part in the production to join us for a special reunion and retrospective of the amazing work and share their own stories and memories from the shoot.

History on Film / Film on History

Date/Time: Tuesday 23rd February at 17:00
Location: Pearse Street Library, 144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2
Tickets: Free event, book online at diff.ie

Information: “Historians will say films are inaccurate. They distort the past. They fictionalize, trivialize, and romanticize important people, events, and movements. They falsify History.” – Robert Rosenstone. In this year of anniversary and commemoration, we have invited a panel of filmmakers, academics and journalists to discuss the relationship between cinema and history. A full list of films included in the ‘History on Film’ strand will be accompanied by talks and discussions. Guests include Johnny Gogan (Hubert Butler: Witness to the Future) and more special guests to come.

1916 At The Pictures

Date/Time: Wednesday 24th February at 14:00 (81 minutes)
Location: City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2
Tickets: Email info@diff.ie for ticketing information

Information: The Festival wishes to recreate the cinema of 1916 as it was, by representing the films which would have been shown in the cinemas of Dublin on that fateful Easter week. We have researched through archives to find cinema listings from April 1916, including screenings at old venues on O’Connell Street such as the Picture Pillar House. From within the list of archive titles we have found a restoration of some classic Charlie Chaplin films from his early career with Essanay, which shows the beginnings of some of his most beloved and remembered characters including the Tramp.

The Bank: Charlie the janitor loves Edna, the pretty bank secretary, but her sweetheart is another Charles, the cashier.
The Champion: This comedy has Charlie finding employment as a sparring partner who fights in the prize ring and wins the championship match, with the help of his pet bulldog.
The Tramp: Charlie saves a farmer’s daughter from some thieving toughs and subsequently stops their attempt to rob the farm.


Interview With Sir David Hare and ‘The Hours’ screening

Date/Time: Saturday 20th February
Interview: 15:00 (60 minutes)
Screening: 16:30 (114 minutes)
Location: IFI 1, 6 Eustace Street, Dublin 1
Tickets: €9 each or €15 for both events. Tickets also available from IFI Box Office, www.ifi.ie
Host: Sean Rocks

Information: Although Sir David Hare is possibly most well known for his work in theatre – having written more than thirty plays including Plenty, Pravda, Racing Demon and The Judas Kiss – he has also been widely honoured for his long list of credits for the screen. He has written more than twenty screenplays for film and television including Plenty, Paris by Night, Weatherby and Damage. As a writer he has twice been nominated for Oscars for his adapted screenplays on The Hours and The Reader, each of which also earned him nominations for a Golden Globe. His haunting drama Weatherby won him a Golden Berlin Bear in 1985 and he has directed many actors to win awards for their work across his formidable back catalogue. His new film Denial is now in production. The festival is proud to welcome Sir David Hare to attend a special screening of one of his most highly acclaimed works for screen, his adaptation of Michael Cunningham’s novel The Hours, where he will participate in a pre-screening interview with Sean Rocks of RTE Radio 1’s Arena. The Hours received nine Oscar nominations and observes the effect that Virginia Woolf’s novel Mrs. Dalloway has on three different women, played by Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep.

Jan A.P. Kaczmarek / Composing For Film Seminar

Date/Time: Saturday 27th February
Location: Royal Irish Academy of Music
Tickets: €15 Book Online at diff.ie
Host: Bill Whelan

Information: Jan A. P. Kaczmarek is a composer with a tremendous international reputation that continues to grow. Jan’s first success in the United States came in theatre. After composing striking scores for productions at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre and Los Angeles’ Mark Taper Forum, Jan won an Obie and a Drama Desk Award for his music for the New York Shakespeare Festival’s 1992 production of John Ford’s ‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore, starring Val Kilmer and Jeanne Tripplehorn. Having composed music for films in Poland, he focused his attention on that medium, achieving recognition as a film composer with scores to such films as Total Eclipse, Bliss, Washington Square, Aimée & Jaguar, The Third Miracle, Lost Souls, Edges of the Lord, Quo Vadis and Adrian Lyne’s Unfaithful. In 2005 Jan won his first Oscar for Best Original Score on Marc Forster’s highly acclaimed film, Finding Neverland. He also won The National Review Board’s award for Best Score of the Year, and was nominated for both a Golden Globe and BAFTA’s Anthony Asquith Award for Achievement in Film Music. Jan is the founder and director of the Transatlantyk – Pozna? International Film and Music Festival, in Pozna?, Poland.