Dublin Feminist Film Festival 2017

#Festival: 4th Dublin Feminist Film Festival set for November 16th to 18th

The 4th annual Dublin Feminist Film Festival will take place from Thursday, November 16th to Saturday, November 18th at The New Theatre, 43 Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

The theme this year is FeministFutures. All the feature films screened at the DFFF are directed by women.

The DFFF programme this year will be comprised of films made in the last five years. As well as screening contemporary work, the festival will foreground topics such as: science, the avant-garde, technology and the digital world, visionary a/v, sci-fi, as well as emerging feminist issues and contemporary feminist movements, sci-fi, the occult, modernity, globalisation, dystopia, utopia, the future female, coming-of-age, ageing, change, aspirations and ambition.

Now in its 4th year, the Dublin Feminist Film Festival aims to counteract the mis/under-representation of women behind and in front of the camera, through a three day event with feature film screenings, short films, talks and events. The festival will also hold their annual Best Short Film Prize, along with special events, panel discussions and talks.

We hope to help counteract the mis/under-representation of women in film, through a friendly and interesting series of events. This means we support and promote films where women have played a vital role in a film’s making, and all the features we screen are directed by female filmmakers. We also want to help counteract the mis-representation of women portrayed through stereotypical characters by bringing the perspectives, stories and experiences of women and feminists to a wider audience. We’re excited to forefront contemporary issues and interesting movements this year with our FeministFutures theme.
Karla Healion – Director

For more on the festival visit their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and follow the hashtags #DFFF2017 and #FeministFutures on social media.