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#Festival: Japanese Film Festival announces special screenings of Your Name

The Japanese Film Festival is delighted to present special screenings of Your Name, the new film from renowned anime director Makoto Shinkai, in Dublin, Cork, and Galway on Thursday, November 24th.

Mitsuha and Taki are total strangers living completely different lives. But when Mitsuha makes a wish to leave her mountain town for the bustling city of Tokyo, they become connected in a bizarre way. She dreams she is a boy living in Tokyo while Taki dreams he is a girl from a rural town he’s never visited. What does their newfound connection mean? And how will it bring them together?

Existing fans of Makoto Shinkai’s work are excited about Your Name, and its universal appeal is going to win him a whole new audience in the process. Your Name has been a runaway success in Japan, where it has held the top spot at the box office for twelve consecutive weeks since opening domestically on August 26th.

The film is also currently the fourth highest-grossing anime film of all time in Japan, with only the three Studio Ghibli films Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke earning more money.

Makoto Shinkai was a guest of the Japanese Film Festival in 2012 when he visited Dublin to present the Irish premiere of his film Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below.

The Japanese Film Festival presentations of Your Name will take place on November 24th as follows:

Light House Cinema, Dublin 8.00pm
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The Gate Cinema, Cork 6.30pm
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EYE Cinema, Galway 7.00pm
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Makoto Shinkai Biography:
Makoto Shinkai is a Japanese film director, animator, and writer. A native of the Nagano prefecture in Japan, he studied Japanese literature at Chuo University. He traces his passion for creation to the manga, anime, and novels he was exposed to while in middle school.

Considered one of the best animators in the world today, he is often called the “next-Miyazaki.” Shinkai developed his abilities as a video game designer for FalCom, where he worked on the cult classic role-playing game Y”: S. Shinkai is unique as an animator as he cut his teeth by producing almost all elements on many of his works – from animation to music composition to voice acting.

His film credits include Voices of a Distant Star (2002), The Place Promised in Our Early Days (2004), 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007), Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below (2011), The Garden of Words (2013) and Your Name (2016).

He has won numerous awards for his work including 12th DoGA CG Animation Award; 1st New Tokyo International Animation Festival Grand Prize; 7th Kobe Animation Prize; 6th Japanese Media Art Award for Digital Media; 34th Nebula Award(World Con); 59th Mainichi Films Animation Prize; 2007 Asia Pacific Film Award; the Lancia Platinum Grand Prize (Italy), Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film Best Anime Feature Film and the Shinmai Select Prize.
The Japanese Film Festival Festival aims to bring the best of Japanese cinema to Irish audiences and to strengthen the cultural ties between our two countries.

The Japanese Film Festival is a collaboration between the Embassy of Japan and access>CINEMA, with support from the Ireland Japan Association and the Japan Foundation.

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