Freelance Film & Television App

#Industry: Freelance app aims to make Irish film and TV projects easier

There’s a handy new app out there for freelancers in the Irish film and television industry. Called Freelance Film & TV Ireland, the app aims to bring together all freelancers in the industry at the push of a button.

The app allows productions to create calls to fill positions for their respective projects, and for potential crew to indicate their availability, experience, and skillset on their profiles.

Individual users can check out the latest calls that match their skills nearby, and can receive push notifications once a new call has been created in their area. Producers can quickly search through all the available freelancers based on their skills.

The service works on a yearly subscription, with basic users being charged €20 and pro users being charged €100. Pro users get the added benefit if being able to view the complete profiles and work history of prospective freelancers.

The app is available for both iOS and Android. More information can be found on the Freelance Film & TV Ireland website and Facebook page.

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