Season: Celebrate afternoons with David Lean at Light House Cinema this November

As the cold winter months set in, Light House Cinema brings you the perfect solace with our Afternoons with David Lean season. Spend your November afternoons in the company of one of cinema’s most beloved filmmakers, watching some of the most enduring films of all time.

Starting with the most epic of all journeys, (and Spileberg’s favourite film) Lawrence of Arabia and ending with the newly restored re-release of Dr Zhivago, Light House Cinema has hand-picked a series of their favourite David Lean masterpieces for you to cosy up to with a cup of tea in the comfort of their screens.

Lawrence of Arabia (November 1st & 4th, 2pm)

A film that still feels epic fifty years after its release. The cinematography is unparalleled in this rousing drama about a charismatic and enigmatic military figure as he struggles with alliances in the Arabian desert. Peter O’Toole stars alongside Alex Guinness, Omar Sharif and Anthony Guinn in one of the most cinematic films of all times. Not to be missed on the big screen.

The Bridge on the River Kwai (November 8th & 11th, 3pm)

This thrilling World War II drama focuses on the construction of a bridge by British soldiers under the leadership of a seemingly noble commanding officer. But cracks soon begin to show as tensions mount within the team of soldiers. Beautifully filmed and full of musings upon the psychological brutalities of war, this is quite simply a classic.

Ryan’s Daughter (November 15th & 18th, 2pm)

A young Irish woman has an affair with a British soldier, much to the chagrin of the local townspeople. Romances don’t come more epic than this. The cinematography is gorgeous, full of Lean’s unmistakable painterly style and the rugged Irish landscape is the perfect backdrop for this tumultuous love story.

Brief Encounter (November 22nd & 25th, 4pm)

A love story on a smaller scale than many other David Lean productions, Brief Encounter still remains one of the most moving and genuinely heart-stopping romances of all time. The film follows a woman tempted to have an affair with a man she meets by chance at a train station. The mannered social norms of the time make their repressed simmering passion all the more affecting throughout this extremely human love story.

Doctor Zhivago (From November 27th)

An epic romance set against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution, director David Lean’s Doctor Zhivago, based on the novel by Boris Pasternak and featuring a standout cast led by the late Omar Sharif alongside Julie Christie, is one of cinema’s greatest and most epic love stories. Light House Cinema is pleased to bring you this brand new restoration for a limited time only from Friday 27th November.