Event: The Producers invite Gremlins into The Sugar Club, Dec 9th

Don’t get him wet, keep him out of bright light, and never feed him after midnight. Gremlins are coming!

On Tuesday 9th December, The Producers will be inviting Gremlins to take over The Sugar Club for what proves to be the perfect alternative Christmas film.

During the screening of this hilarious ’80s classic, there will be a re-creation of the film’s infamous Christmas scene where the little monsters take over a cinema and sing along to Snow White’s ‘Hi ho’.

The Producers are urging participants to dress as a Gremlin (masks will be provided), and watch as Billy Peltzer makes the mistake of feeding his adorable little mogwai Gizmo after midnight.

Sit back with a Christmas cocktail and enjoy the chaos as the Gremlins wreck havoc upon a picture-postcard American town and turn it upside-down for Christmas.

The Producers will also be screening Will Ferrell’s Elf on 17 December, complete with a visit from Santa Claus and the opportunity for audience members to embrace their inner child by decorating their own ginger bread, drinking syrup cocktails and playing make-and-do with their own Christmas decorations.

Tickets to Gremlins €8/€9 and Elf €10 are available at entertainment.ie/tickets.

Doors 7.30pm, screening 8.30pm.