Festival Preview: Short Film Program 1 @ Underground Cinema Film Festival

Day 1 of the Underground Cinema Film Festival begins with the first Short Film Program, on Thursday September 11th at 12pm. This program consists of 10 Irish short films, as well as 3 from the UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

Our highlights would be the Alec Moore directed, Tristian Henaue written In This Place, and Blue Burden, written and directed by Richie Kenrick, and starring the wonderful Aoife King.

The full program is made up as follows:

The Hard Way
A troubled teenage girl and an unhappily married man meet in secret. They think their problems are over. But they haven’t counted on each other.
Directed and Written by Imogen Murphy

To Oscar
Nicky Cunningham has been diagnosed with cancer and will not live to see the birth of his son. This is his advice to his unborn child.
Directed, Written and Produced by Elijah Egan

Around Again
A film set in Normandy in the latter part of World War II. We see the war through the eyes of a young girl. Her parents are members of the French Resistance. We join the family as they attempt to escape the destruction of Caen with war raging all around them. Through a dramatic mix of soundscape and the thoughts and fears of the young girl, the harsh reality of war is brought to life. Will they make it out alive?
Directed and Written by Stewart Addison

A young woman, Sophie, must come to terms with the recent death of her fiancé. However, in a world interconnected through the internet and social media, death has never been so complicated.
Directed, Written and Produced by David C. Lynch

A normal commute home or so she thinks. You always think your safe when you get close to home.
Directed and Written by John Hennesy

In This Place
‘In This Place’ is a contemporary drama set in a small west of Ireland town. It follows Mark as he struggles to break out of his destructive lifestyle while everybody around him moves on with their lives
Directed by Alec Moore

Blue Burden
Blue Burden is about the burden of knowledge that the Gardai and other emergency personnel endure. It’s a modern tragic love story set in Ireland.
Directed and Written by Richie Kenrick

Pedestrian Crossing
A Nobel Short.
Directed, Written and Produced by Colin Murnane

Jimmy and Ted’s best friend Angus is dead. Jimmy decides to give Angus an impromptu wake. The problem? Drugs, drink, a corpse, and how to get it back to the church unnoticed.
Directed and Produced by Paul Bolger

Two writers move in together but jealousy turns things sour in this pseudo-noir tale starring Maurice Florence and Aaron Blu Heffernan.
Directed Craig Reynolds

Haiku 4: Still
In his kitchen, overgrown with plants and vines, Teagran keeps his dead father. Tormented by dreams, he tries several rituals to bring him back to life. From weaving a beard out of vines, to hunting down a wolf, Teagran tries everything he can to rid himself of the nightmares he is having and resurrect his dead father.
Directed and Produced by Lyle Pisio

Look Up
Christy has a got an addiction, and needs to stop, but first he needs to run over everything in his head before making a decision
Directed, Written and Produced by Robert Keane

Two strangers cross paths on their darkest days.
Directed, Written and Produced by Christopher Lambert