Festival Preview: Short Film Program 2 @ Underground Cinema Film Festival

A packed Day 1 of the Underground Cinema Film Festival contains not one, but two Short Film Programs. The second takes place in the Martello Suite of Dun Laoghaire’s Royal Marine Hotel at 4:30pm on Thursday, September 11th.

This program consists of 9 Irish short films, as well as 2 from the Russia, and Australia. Some of these are considerably longer than those in the first program, but nonetheless are worthy of your attention.

Our highlights include Park Pictures’ I am Jesus, directed by Emmet Harte, James Fitzgerald’s extraordinary Skunky Dog, and Karen McGrath’s Torn, written by lauded Irish writer and actress Caroline Grace Cassidy.

The full program is made up as follows:

The Last Fare
The Last Fare is a short preformative documentary that examines the struggles facing a female taxi driver in the dark landscape of Dublin, Ireland. It takes one woman’s experience and question the dangers of picking up strangers.
Directed and Written by Siobhan Perry

This Is It
A close up look at the intimate moments and interactions between a couple which form the memories of their relationship.
Directed, Written and Produced by Elijah Egan

Eating In
Celine and Kevin are having some… issues… in the bedroom… a short comedy.
Directed, Written and Produced by James Keating

Skunky Dog
‘Skunky Dog’ tells the tragic story of Flick, a nineteen year old alcoholic boy who spends his time drinking and dreaming of a better life. Rising star, Ryan McParland (Good Vibrations, 6Degrees) plays Flick, starring alongside Lacy Moore (Emmerdale Farm, Hollyoaks), who took on the role of a young widow who turns his world upside-down by showing him some much needed affection. A local mechanic, played by Peter Ballance (Game of Thrones, Laws of Attraction) sees potential in Flick and offers him the odd bit of work, when he can. This position becomes a challenge for Flick as Mick’s sexual orientation is a topic of debate amongst the local community.
Directed and Written by James Fitzgerald

The near future. Dream recording has now become a reality, so has dream-splicing; the illegal and dangerous altering of dreams for subconscious playback. In this world, a history lecturer named Paul Wheatley seeks out an enigmatic dreamsplicer known only as Sarah Tonin, forging a bond which may be his salvation or damnation.
Directed and Written by Aidan Duffy

Living Pictures
An original score sets the mood and rhythm for the films, bringing the artist’s paintings to life, and forming a three-part story. White bird is a philosophical meditation on eternity, the beauty of nature, and human vanity. Fish is a humoresque which tells of a fisherman’??s cherished dreams. Music academy is the story of a cockroach, who wanders into the classrooms, meets all the musical instruments, and eventually falls into the clutches of an emotional cymbalistic but… it all turns out for the best!
Directed, Written and Produced by Tatiana Skorlupkina

I am Jesus
In a world of following and followers there is one man with one mission and one sandwich board
Directed by Emmet Harte

Liberty was yesterday. Civil freedom is curtailed when a viral outbreak turns into a pandemic. Weary of constant food shortages and invasive health officials, George questions how necessary his government-enforced lifestyle really is.
Directed and Written by Jason Kempnich

Five unemployed teenagers come together to rob a corupt government lobbyist.
Directed and Written by Alan Dunne

Gordon and Michael come up with an innovative business idea â?? namely, a social network called DEADBOOK, to stay connected with friends and loved ones forever. But not all is what it seems once they join forces with a group of investors, whose sole purpose is to make money, be it dead or alive.
Directed by Richard Scobie

What happens when two women want the same thing? What happens when one of the two, not naturally inclined to assert herself now decides to defend her patch?
Directed by Karen McGrath