Irish Film: Horror film limp. to be released online for free

Good news for fans of quality Irish film as limp., an excellent Irish horror written and directed by Shaun Ryan, will be released online for free from Monday. We gave the film 5 stars, and believe that all fans of immersive horror should check out this extraordinary film.


The movie is an abstract horror which follows Mr Grott, a lonely man who is so infatuated by a woman that in order to be together he murders her. Now Mr Grott lives out his dream of having someone to love and be loved in a chaotic and disorientating world. All of this however cannot last and ultimately no good can come from this relationship.

The film had its first screening at the inaugural IndieCORK film festival in Ireland back in October 2013 and has received a host of glowing reviews for its handling of a dark subject matter, obscure story and unique visual style, not to mention the exceptional performance by its lead actor Eoin Quinn. It has found continued success at festivals and events around Ireland and internationally, winning at The Underground Film festival and playing at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

The film stars Eoin Quinn (Fair City, The Hit Producer, Portrait of a Zombie) as Mr. Grott and Anne Gill (Quirke, Kings) as the unfortunate victim of his lust. The film also stars Laura Canavan Hayes (Shamocracy, Idir Mná ) and Shane Lennon (Fade Street) as an inner-city couple that have their own complications.


limp. features an exciting and unusual visual style, using multiple layers of imagery and quick cuts to keep the audience on its toes. This style lends itself to a more abstract way of storytelling having the viewer look for subtle moments imagery that reveal its plot to emphasise Mr. Grott’s psychosis.

limp. was produced by Shaun Ryan’s production company “Crooked Creations” which was co-founded by limp.’s cinematographer Kevin Minogue. This micro budget film was financed independently for the sum of €900 with cast and crew donating their time to the project for free.

[quote]This style of the film lends itself a more abstract way of storytelling by using collages of imagery to emphasize the lead characters psychosis.[/quote] Director Shaun Ryan

[quote]The look of the film has been a real testament owed to the long time in post-production we had set out to make something not only was a new and challenging story but also a visual experience that you wouldn’t have seen or experienced before.[/quote] DOP Kevin Minogue


Crooked Creations has decided to release the film online to the general public for free. While there is no charge attached to watch the film, Crooked Creations would ask that viewers would consider making a donation to two charities very close to them.

The charities they are fundraising for are the ARC Cancer Support Centre and L’Arche Ireland.

To Donate to the ARC Cancer Support Centre
To donate to L’arche home for the disabled send a donation to: L’arche dublin office, Baidin, 8 Warren House Road, Baldoyle, Dublin 1