Lock In

#NowFunding: Malcolm Deegan’s psychological horror Lock In

Now funding on IndieGoGo is Lock In, a twisted and ambitious psychological horror from award-winning writer/director Malcolm Deegan.

Having successfully released his debut feature film, Fractional, on multiple VOD platforms as well as DVD and Bluray, Deegan has  set about producing a follow up project, Lock In.

Robert O’ Rourke is a prisoner in his own world, a world tainted through a haze of suspicion and doubt. To him every morning draws forth the reality that he doesn’t know who he truly is. Remembering anything beyond his present is difficult. Flashes of memories invade his

consciousness but can he truly trust them? He suffers in silence, plagued by visions he cannot control. Soon Robert awakens into a nightmare that is very real and will change him forever.

Lock In

We hope to be able to do this story justice. It’s a unique and different approach to a psychological horror that deserves to be told. We have opted to crowd source to funding the project and maintain the vision that’s intended. If you liked our last movie Fractional then you’re going to love this. It’s unique and very different and definitely not the conventional type of movie you see typically from Ireland. With your help we can get this intense psychological horror movie made.

Visually the film will have a claustrophobic look and feel of an intense psychological horror. Its visuals will evoke the feeling of paranoia of Jacob’s Ladder and Shutter Island with the intense contrasting cinematic wide angle look of Se7en.  The psychiatrist scenes will be suspense-filled utilising close ups and point of view shots similar to Silence of the Lambs to emphasise the paranoia of the protagonist and the distrust and uncertainty that he holds for the world around him and ultimately himself.

The colour palette will be muted, dark and contrasting in greens and blues. Shadows will give the impression that Robert is constantly being watched. The viewer will be unsure what lurks just beyond their view heightening suspense. We will utilise ‘continuous take’ shots to heighten the sense of reality. The sets will appear claustrophobic and closed especially when Robert is on screen signifying the intenseness that Robert feels on an hourly basis. When he remembers the past they will be shot wide angled with a colourful palette sensing that his past was much more colourful and brighter than the present.
Malcolm Deegan, Writer/Director/Producer

For more information on Lock In check out film’s website


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