The Nightmare of My Choice
The Nightmare of My Choice - Photo: Eoin Holland -

#IrishFilm: First trailer and poster for dark Irish indie The Nightmare of My Choice

Executive Branch and Eschaton have released the first poster and trailer for their new psychological thriller The Nightmare of My Choice.

The Nightmare of My ChoiceThe film is a darkly comic-tinged neo-noir that finds sweet-talking but penniless mystery man Alan Ball and his put-upon servant Flukes desperately clinging to all they have left: the house they live in, which Ball inherited from his brutally murdered wife. As Christmas looms and looks increasingly miserable, unwelcome figures from Ball’s past reemerge with suspicious timing, plunging Ball into paranoia and upsetting the strenuous juggling act that his existence… his existences… have become. Even with a rock-solid sidekick whose faith in his boss seems mind-bogglingly unwavering, this spirited but dwindling duo are an unlikely match for what this Advent has in store.

The Nightmare of My Choice stars Ross Forder, Stephen Cromwell, Stephen Murray, Lena-Marie Fitzgerald, Johnny Elliott, and Louise Butler.

The film is written, produced, and directed by Matthew J. Keats and Van Poynton (winner of a “Special Award for Innovation in the New Cinema” at the 14th Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2013). Post-sound was carried out at both Egg and Gorilla in Dublin, with IFTA award-winning Nikki Moss on sound design. Stills for the film, including the image above, are by Eoin Holland.

The film promises to unwrap its full hamper of ghastly charms this December. Check out Facebook and/or Twitter for more information.