Irish Abroad: Terry McMahon’s Patrick’s Day to screen at 50 US cinemas from March 5th to 8th

Marvellous news on the eve of its Irish cinematic release for Terry MacMahon’s brilliant Irish feature film Patrick’s Day, with news that it has been selected by the Manhattan Short Feature Film Project. What this means is that between March 5th and 8th Patrick’s Day will debut in over 50 cinemas across the United States in the 3rd Annual Feature Film Project.

Audiences at each venue will be asked to vote on whether this film should return to cinemas throughout the USA for a theatrical release. The Feature Film Project is a collective of Art House Cinemas across the USA with the focus of taking feature films from the festival circuit and moving them into the cinema circuit.

The critically acclaimed film stars Moe Dunford, Kerry Fox, Catherine Walker and Philip Jackson.  Moe, who will be honoured at the Berlin International Film Festival, plays a young man with mental health issues who becomes intimate with a flight attendant (Walker) with her own demons.  When his obsessive mother (Fox) finds out she enlists a dysfunctional detective (Jackson) to separate them. Patrick’s Day is a provocative love story which explores the right to intimacy.

Patrick’s Day will be released in cinemas around the country from the 6th of February.