Irish Film: McGlone brothers' crowdfunded feature The Girl At The End Of The World to be released

Tomorrow, August 1st sees the release of a new Irish film The Girl At The End Of The World, from brother Karl and Dave McGlone. The film will be available on their website, via

The Girl At The End Of The World tells the story of a couple in a long distance relationship, who must battle oceans and continents to be together when a meteor hits the earth and knocks out all technology.

The film was made on a budget of €8500, which was crowdfunded through funding website Indiegogo. Producer Karl McGlone says “That’s a minor budget for most but a monumental budget for us considering our first feature film was shot on a budget of just €500 and in one day.”

Unlike their first feature, All or Nothing, which was shot in one day, The Girl At The End Of The World took just under 3 months to complete. The film features Camilla Jackson (Neighbours), and Ciara Donnelly (The Voice of Ireland), as well as a host of up and coming actors.

Ciara also provided two songs “Circus” and “Break Me Down” to the soundtrack of the film, with the main title song “Hook, Line & Sinker” by Dublin based band The Shoos.

To pre-order the film head to SoldierMonkeyproductions now.