Irish Film: Underground Cinema announces Short Film award nominees

Underground Cinema, the leading promoter of Independent cinema in Ireland, last night unveiled the nominees – their awards ceremony celebrating independent short film.

Every month Underground Cinema screens an incredible selection of Irish and international short film in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, offering lesser known Irish and international filmmakers a chance to see their work come to life on the silver screen. Each film that is screened becomes eligible for the annual awards ceremony, which this year features 14 categories.

Speaking at the nominations – this year’s awards Underground Cinema director David Byrne was quick to praise the standard of short film-making in Ireland. “Year on year we’re seeing the quality of the shorts being made improve, as the filmmakers get access to better equipment and hone their craft. It’s great to see the progression of some of them who have submitted films down through the years. This year we’ve actually seen a decrease in the number of short films selected, as more and more independent Irish filmmakers are getting to make features. It’s great to see that and it is encouraging for the future.”

Paddy Slattery’s Skunky Dog, winner of Best Short film at the Underground Cinema Film Festival and the Fingal Film Festival, picked up 5 nominations, as did Megan Woods’ The Beauty of Ballybrack, and Alec Moore’s In This Place. However the front-runners are Johnny Murphy’s The Stand Up, and Maurice O’Carroll’s Windows of Wonder (pictured above), with six nominations a piece.

The Underground Cinema Awards 2014 takes place on Saturday November 8th in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. Tickets are now on sale.

Full list of nominees:

Best Short Film

Cut Me Deep – Produced by Tommy Fitzgerald

In This Place – Produced by Tristan Heanue and Alec Moore

Skunky Dog – Produced by Paddy Slattery

The Stand Up – Produced by Johnny Murphy and Simon Murphy

Windows of Wonder – Produced by Jason O’Mahony


Best Director

James Fitzgerald – Skunky Dog

Tommy Fitzgerald – Cut Me Deep

Alec Moore – In This Place

Johnny Murphy – The Stand Up

Maurice O’Carroll – Windows of Wonder


Best Actor

Paul Dodd – Bound

Tristan Heanue – In This Place

Eddie Jackson – Normal

Ryan MacParland – Skunky Dog

Johnny Murphy – The Stand Up


Best Actress

Flo Gabriel – Windows of Wonder

George Hanover – The Beauty of Ballybrack

Lacy Moore – Skunky Dog

Rachel Pilkington – Cut Me Deep

Rebekah Wainwright – In This Place


Best Screenplay

Cut Me Deep – Written by Tommy Fitzgerald

Skunky Dog – Written by James Fitzgerald

Normal – Written by Mark McCabe and Eddie Jackson

The Stand Up – Written by Johnny Murphy

Homemade – Written by Mark Sheridan


Best Editor

Oisin Brickley – The Beauty of Ballybrack

Jon Kelly – Suanscéal

Aidan McCarthy – Idle

Katie Miller – Fortune

Maurice O’Carroll – Windows of Wonder


Best Cinematographer

Michael Lavelle – Homemade

Justin McCarthy – Windows of Wonder

Kevin Minogue – In This Place

Eamon Nolan – Suanscéal

Burschi Wojnar – Idle


Best Score

Michael Carolan – One Thousand Yards

Julie Feeney – Stolen

Kevin O’Brien – Neighbourhood Watch

Jennifer O’Malley – The Beauty of Ballybrack

Nicholas Wright – Homemade


Best Location Sound

Caimin Agnew – Neighbourhood Watch

Oliver Deegan – Idle

Oisin Lowry – Bound

Simon Murphy – The Stand Up

Kealan Noone – One Thousand Yards


Best International Film

Inside Run – Directed by Sam Callis

Dystopia St – Directed by David Cave

Beneath the Tides – Directed by Rupert Miles

Stop – Directed by Paul Murphy

They Call Me The Kid – Directed by Mark Tehnsuko


Best Newcomer

Graham Early – Com-table Chaos

Karen McGrath – Torn

Johnny Murphy – The Stand Up

Colm O’Foghlu – Suanscéal

Megan Woods – The Beauty of Ballybrack


Best Comedy

Angus – Directed by Paul Bolger

Neighbourhood Watch – Directed by Alan Buckley

Lean on Me – Directed by Gavin Butler

Normal – Directed by Stephen Brady

Possessive Boyfriend – Directed by Simon O’Neill


Best Music Video

Not Without You – Directed by Paul Heary

Hollow Thoughts – Directed by Paul Lynch

Bibles – Directed by Oisin MacCoille

The Truth of You – Directed by Darragh Murphy

Twisted Escalator – Directed by Patrick Murphy


Production Design

Fiona Delaney – Incompatible

Amber Miles – The Beauty of Ballybrack

Elaine O’Carroll – Windows of Wonder

Colm O’Foghlu – Suanscéal

Elizabeth Parsons – Cut Me Deep


Best Documentary

The Bald Word – Directed by Johnny Brew

Hurdy Gurdy Man – Directed by Stuart Duff

Tonn Nua – Directed by Peter McKeon

Danger Overhead Cables – Directed by Mia Mullarkey