Aronofsky and Pitt versus The Tiger

It had to happen…eventually Darren Aronofsky and Brad Pitt had to make to movie together. It seems that after the failed attempts at working together on The Fountain and The Fighter the pair will finally team for The Tiger. They sure do like these “the something” titles, don’t they?

The movie will be based on John Vaillant’s soon to be released non-fiction book The Tiger, which sees one of the big cat get vengeful on a Siberian town whose inhabitants are encroaching on its territory. Pitt will play a conservationist who must do all he can to help protect this endangered species and save the townsfolk at the same time.

Babel scripter Guillermo Arriaga is adapting the book, marking his first such screenplay after years of original work. Aronofsky has a great eye for visuals and the harshness of the frozen tundra and the beauty of nature should shine from the screen. Plus it also has Brad Pitt fighting a tiger so that’s bound to be worth the admission.