Excellent trailer for Attack the Block

Remember Red Dawn? Ever wonder how much better it would be if it were invading aliens being fought off by teenagers instead of invading Communists? Well wonder no more. Joe Cornish’s début feature Attack the Block has gotten itself a trailer and it’s pretty darn good.

As mentioned Attack the Block sees a bunch of London teenagers band together to fight of the threat of alien invaders. Set in a London tower block this is described as inner city versus outer space, and it has a very nice Evil Dead feel to it.

The film stars Nick Frost, Jodie Whitaker and Luke Treadaway, alongside newcomers John Boyega, Simon Howard, Franz Drameh, Leeon Jones, and Alex Esmail. It is the later 5 that get most of the screen-time as the main heroes of the hour.

The movie opens on May 11th, and everybody is already raving about it online.