Red – 6 character posters

Bruce Willis as an ex-CIA man? Seen that. John Malkovich gone mad? Seen that. Morgan Freeman looking intense? Seen that. Dame Helen Mirren with a gun? Well now that’s something entirely different. Of the four character posters released for Red, the adaptation of the Warren Ellis’ comic book of the same name, it’s the Mirren one that packs heat.

Red - Bruce Willis Red - Helen Mirren
The story sees 4 former CIA agents targeted by their former employers, joining together to fight the man! As well as Willis, Malkovich, Freeman and Mirren, the cast includes, Mary-Louise Parker, Karl Urban, Richard Dreyfuss and Brian Cox. Flight Plan director Robert Schwentke is behind the camera.

The movie is out in the US on October 15th, with no word on an Irish release date.

Updated to add character posters for Parker and Urban.