They Cloned Tyrone

#Review: They Cloned Tyrone

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This week on Netflix is They Cloned Tyrone, starring John Boyega, Teyonah Parris and Jamie Foxx. This sci-fi satire follows drug dealer Fontaine (Boyega) local pimp Slick Charles and his employee Yo-Yo (Parris) as they fall into a story that feels ripped from The Twilight Zone.

They Cloned Tyrone is a story about a particular neighbourhood in America. Within this neighbourhood, we meet Fontaine. He’s a man shaped by his upbringing, having lost his younger brother years prior, Fontaine is someone you don’t want to mess with. One night, he decides to collect from Slick Charles. It goes as expected until Fontaine is seemingly killed.

The next day, Fontaine wakes up and he is fine. However, something seems off and that’s when Fontaine, Slick Charles and Yo-Yo discover something terrifying is happening in their little part of America.

You Lose

They Cloned Tyrone is a slick, stylish thriller with great humour and a memorable trio at its centre. I had an absolute blast watching this film and going along this mystery with the characters trying to figure out what is going on. The characters make several comparisons to the situation they’re in, to Nancy Drew. I’d go one step further and say this is something akin to The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror.

Much like these series, They Cloned Tyrone is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and this story beckons you to unravel it. And watching the characters fall further into this deranged Wonderland is hugely entertaining. The film wouldn’t be as entertaining if it weren’t for the three leads. Boyega brings an impressive rage to Fontaine. You can tell there is a potential untapped with him and it’s fascinating to see his journey throughout the course of the film.

He is partnered with Foxx and Parris who are a compelling and hilarious duo. Foxx’s Slick Charles has some of the funniest lines in the film and Parris’ Yo-Yo is the brains and at times the balls of the group.

Buy into the insanity

The film weaponises stereotypes and utilises them in an effective manner. One scene in a fried chicken restaurant is genuinely unnerving. This could easily be considered a horror for people of colour. It feels in the vein of Get Out with a slick 70s vibe.

If I had any issues it would be with the final act, the film’s antagonistic force is unimpressive if I’m being honest. The actor they have is a favourite of mine but he wasn’t given anything to work with. That is ultimately all I had a problem with. They Cloned Tyrone is such a funny, stylish gem of a film. I hope that you check it out when it releases on Netflix.

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