The LEGO Movie


When Lord Business (Ferrell) steals The KraGle from Vitruvius (Freeman) it gives him the opportunity to plan the end of the Lego universe, as they know. The prophecy spoke of a chosen one that would be a Master Builder who could stop Lord Business and when Emmett Brickowski (Pratt) finds the Piece of Resistance he is propelled into an extraordinary position of importance. The problem for Emmett is he’s just an ordinary guy with no special qualities and tendency to make sure everyone around him knows it. With the Piece of Resistance in his possession Emmet and Master Builder Wiyldstyle (Banks) by his side there is a real chance they can save the Lego universe. If Emmet doesn’t screw it up.

Besides the fact that we all love Lego, to truly make this something special was going to mean inventing characters and a world that would capture more than just our imaginations but our hearts as well.

Writing a story as inventive as Toy Story (that’s right I’m making that comparison) and creating characters that are as likeable was a challenge, but in this case a success. From Emmet to Wyldstyle and Lord Business to Batman they are all great and the voice work is especially good. Chris Pratt is one of the most likable actors on the scene right now and his voice is a fantastic mixture of unbridled joy and pure imbecility. It’s hilarious. Will Arnett’s Batman is an absolute tool that will have you cracking up throughout and Ferrell makes you believe that Lord Business is the dastardly evil genius without breaking a sweat. The person who stands out from the crowd and not just for his voice work (three people) but because the characters are so good, is Liam Neeson. His Good Cop Bad Cop character is the source of much hilarity as he tracks Emmet for Lord Business he is absolutely brilliant.

There is great invention in the Lego universe too with some really funny elements in the different names, but it is the theme song that grabs your attention. Everything is Awesome is a brainwasher of a tune that will have you bouncing in your seat and humming it on your way out of the cinema. Mission accomplished. The mixture of CG and stop motion animation is also superb throughout and the whole package will be as enjoyable for children as it will for adults.

Entertainment for all ages with excellent writing, this is not a film to be missed. Go with the kids, go with your mates or just go on your own. It’s worth it.