Cardboard Gangsters

#Competition: Win a copy of Mark O’Connor’s hit Irish film Cardboard Gangsters on DVD

With thanks to Wildcard Distribution we have 5 copies of Mark O’Connor’s hard-hitting urban drama , Cardboard Gangsters (★★★★) to give away. The film will be released on DVD in Ireland on October 6th.

Directed by Mark O’Connor and starring John Connors (‘Love/Hate’, King of the Travellers), Fionn Walton (Out of HereWhat Richard Did) and Kierston Wareing (Fish Tank, ‘East Enders’) Cardboard Gangsters follows a group of wannabe gangsters as they attempt to gain control of the drug trade in Darndale, chasing the glorified lifestyle of money, power and sex.  Jay Connolly (Connors) is a part-time DJ and low-level drug dealer.  When his welfare is cut off he decides it’s time for him and his gang to enter the big leagues. This attracts the attention of the local King Pin and sets Jay down a violent and bloody path.

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The film wowed audiences and critics alike,  it garnered multiple five-star reviews and positive word-of-mouth making it the must-see movie of 2017 in Ireland.  The DVD release boasts an exclusive documentary ‘Shooting in the Hood: The Making of Cardboard Gangsters’ which will offer viewers an insight into the behind-the-scenes action during the making of the film.

The film was produced for Stalker Films and Five Knight Films in association with Filmbase and with the support of the BAI, Egg Post Production and TV3 and was distributed theatrically by Wildcard Distribution, with the DVD being distributed by Precision Pictures.