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#Training: P.A. Bootcamp @ Troy Studios, Limerick – Dec 5th & 7th

Screen Training Ireland and Limerick and Clare ETB, in partnership with Universal Cable Productions, are hosting a P.A. Bootcamp training programme for new industry entrants.  This renowned Bootcamp is not a school. Not a class. Not a seminar. Not a powerpoint presentation.  The P.A. Bootcamp is JOB TRAINING:  a two-day thorough, intensive, real-world programme designed to give participants a full and practical understanding of the role of Office, Set and Location Production Assistant.   As part of the programme, participants will also complete a one-day Health & Safety programme offered by BECTU, and accredited under the BBC/BECTU/PACT/Skillset Production Safety Passport Scheme.

Participants will be divided into two groups for the P.A. Bootcamp:  One group will complete the training from Tues 5th – to Thursday 7th December and the second group from Thursday 7th – Saturday 9thDecember.


  • Mock Production Meeting.
  • Production paperwork (one liner, D.O.O.D, shooting schedule, sides).
  • Call Sheet.  Line by line reading and explaining.  Emphasis on where to find information on the sheet.
  • “Tree” for Production.  The job description and responsibilities for each position:
  • UPM, 1st A.D., 2nd A.D., 2nd A.D., DGA Trainee, Key Set P.A., Set P.A.
  • Definition of a Set P.A.:   Extension to the A.D.  Lock-ups.  Anticipation not initiation. Understanding what the A.D. wants from the P.A.  Personality and work ethic.  Staff vs. Day Player.
  • CALL OUT/SHOUT OUT.  Explaining how the radio communication works for calling out. Review and explanation of all terms.
  • TERMINOLOGY GAME   Team competition for guessing definitions of terms.
  • DON’TS.  Interactive “game” format covering many set etiquette issues.
  • KIT BUILDING.  Divide into groups and build A.D. kits.
  • PUSH THE CALL.  All trainees have Call Sheets and red Sharpies.  They push the call on their sheets.


  • Full radio instruction and drill. Mic plug-in, battery changing, correct use of channels; keying; clipping; proper communication; terminology; answering questions from call sheets.
  • Radio Inventory
  • BACKGROUND.  Check-in, vouchers, skins, sorting and categorizing.  Bringing background to set, background holding, background cuing.
  • Military time for time cards.
  • Gear.  What to wear and bring.  What NOT to wear and bring.

Day two always ends with work search resources and resume building.


Day three will provide participants with BECTU Health and Safety awareness training, including the following:

  • Introducing creative industry training
  • Defining hazards and risks
  • Hazards and practical control measures
  • Common workplace measures
  • Personal responsibility for safety.

Participant Profile:

Graduates, trainees and new entrants to the film industry seeking an opportunity to enhance their understanding of office, set and location production assistance.

Application Procedure:

Please apply online at  For further details contact Sorcha Loughnane at   Application Deadline:  Monday 20th November 2017.