Film Fatale celebrates the 50th anniversary of Hitchcock’s The Birds

Film Fatale will unleash Hitchcock’s chic and chilling classic The Birds on Saturday 12 October to celebrate the movie’s 50th Anniversary.

Few Hollywood classics combine horror with couture to such creepy effect, making it the perfect Film Fatale film leading up to Halloween. The Birds stars Tippi Hedren as the wealthy and spoiled Melanie Daniels who follows handsome Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor) to Bodega Bay. While they start to romance, their sense of security is slowly eroded by the curious behavior of the birds in the area.

Why are the birds gathering over the town? Why are they attacking people? Is it Melanie Daniels who brought them? Do they not like her apple green suit?

Join Film Fatale for a screening of this glamorous suspense-horror masterpiece and a night of sixties Hollywood glamour, vintage music, cocktails and dancing. Film Fatale is a vintage event, so go dressed as Tippi Hedren, or don your finest sixties outfit.  The night features a special swinging Sixties performance from Ireland’s most fabulous melody trio, the Bugle Babes. The party will continue with extraordinary resident DJs, The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers, who will play their perfectly chosen retro hits.

Tickets to The Birds at the Sugar Club, Dublin are €14/€15 and are available online. Doors  7.30pm, screening 8.30pm. Vintage after-party from 11pm with tickets €5 on the door.

For more information see Film Fatale’s Facebook page.