Classic sci-fi coming to Screen

Sci-fi is awesome, and so are good friends of Scannain Dublin’s Screen Cinema, so combine the two and epic awesomeness ensues. This epic awesomeness comes in the shape of a new bi-monthly series of sci-fi classics that will unfurl on the silver screen starting on June 6th with Ridley Scott’s sublime Alien.

Last year?s summer classics season saw queues around the block, sold-out screens and audiences cheering at the opening credits of some of their most beloved films back on the big screen. So Screen has upped the ante with this new season. The adventures of Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo will be followed in quick succession by sci-fi favourites Aliens, and the original Tron and Solaris.

These four are only the beginning with more startling tales of cyborgs, aliens, creatures and robots coming soon to a theatre near you.

Tickets go on sale May 16th from the Screen box-office and from