Deadpan Pictures

Shadow Directing opportunity on The South Westerlies

Deadpan Pictures are seeking applications from female directors with an interest in a shadow directing opportunity for their upcoming production The South Westerlies.

The South Westerlies is an hour long comedy/drama, that will shoot from mid-September to mid-November.

Due to the nature of production the opportunity will have a fluid form, the objective is to provide participants with experience in prep, shoot and post-production for a TV drama series, and ultimately to help increase the number of future productions directed by female talent.

This is not a training scheme and the shadowing opportunity is not open to entry-level talent. The focus is on career advancement.

Interested candidates must have directed at least one short film that has had a festival, theatrical release or TV broadcast.

To apply please email by Friday 30th August 2019

Please also supply a current CV, a link to a show reel, and a short description of why this shadow directing opportunity might be beneficial in advancing your directing career.