Iron Man 2 – The Videos (Updated)

There’s another new TV Spot for Iron Man 2, that marks the 20th video clip to date (including the 2 US domestic trailers).  That’s an insane amount of coverage for Paramount’s movie event of the year.

**—Update: There are now 26 video clips — **

Check them all out below.

Viral – Fujikawa’s Stark HUD

Clip – Modelled in Tokyo

Featurette – Villains

TV Spot – I Am Iron Man

Viral – Cordco

TV Spot – Summer Takes Off

TV Spot – Audi

Viral – Stark Expo 2010

Viral – Stark Expo 1974

International TV Spot II

International TV Spot I

TV Spot – Dr. Pepper

Viral – Introducing AccuTech

Viral – Mark I Technical Briefing

TV Spot – New Adventure

TV Spot – Self Distruct

TV Spot – The Suit

TV Spot – Reinvent Yourself

Making an Entrance

IMAX Experience Trailer

TV Spot – Kids Choice Awards

Italian TV Spot

Feature Trailer

French Featurette

Music Video – Shoot to Thrill