Jonah Hex – See 8 TV Spots

Warner Bros. would really like you to go see Jonah Hex. So far there have been 8 TV spots that have aired in the United States. 6 of these were just released in the last few days. Each offers a slightly different aspect and take on the central character or on the mythos of Hex.

Some look great, some look decidedly not so great. Still any movie that has John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender and Josh Brolin has to be good right? Best just forget the Megan Fox part.

Jonah Hex is out next week (June 18th) in the States and September 24th (bit of a delay) in Ireland and the UK.

TV Spot – America Needs…

TV Spot – Special

TV Spot – Armed

TV Spot – Armed II

TV Spot – The Legend

TV Spot – Next Face

TV Spot – Prepare

TV Spot – War Begins

TV Spot -Your Weapon