Irish Abroad: Little Grey Fergie Country Fun hits cinema screens in Norway

Irish/ Norweigan co-production and children’s entertainment figure Little Grey Fergie, the tractor with a heart and soul, is coming to the big screen.

Based on the legendary TE20 Massey Ferguson tractor, Fergie has been a huge hit in Norway for nearly 20 years, entertaining thousands of Norwegian children. Fergie, who has his own Youtube channel with over 120 million views, encourages children to have a voice and to learn about the world in which we live.

The first of three films, Country Fun was released in Norway on February 5th, playing in 192 cinemas nationwide.

All of the films are Irish/ Norweigan co-productions, with Country Fun filmed at Ashford Studios near Dublin for twelve weeks in 2015. Little Grey Fergie was produced by Jacqueline Kerrin, Dominic Wright, Silje Hopland Eik, Dyveke Graver for Ripple World Pictures and Cinenord Kidstory. It was directed by Peder Hamdahl Næss. Funding was provided by Norwegian Film Institute, VestNorsk Filmcentre, FilmKraft, MEDIA Creative Europe, Fond for Lyd Og Bilde, Nordic Film & TV Fund, and the Irish Producer tax credit.

Egg Post Production in Dublin are currently working away on the next two Fergie movies that are set to be released in 2017.