Muppets Most Wanted


With the return of the Muppets such a success there was always going to be room for a sequel the only question being could they deliver the knock out punch. In short the answer is yes, even though the filmmakers mock themselves with an opening song about sequels that don’t live up to their billing.

With the Muppet theatre saved the Muppets are left with the question: what next? Lucky for them Dominic Badguy (Gervais) is an entertainment manager extraordinaire who suggests a world tour to build on their recent success. As his name suggests dastardly plans are afoot and when an imposter (Constantine the worlds greatest thief) replaces Kermit, Dominic takes control of the tour and conspires with the new ‘Kermit’ to rob the British Crown Jewels. As they go on their tour and robberies start to occur it is not long before Interpol’s best, Jean Pierre Napoleon (Burrell) is on the case with Sam the Eagle tracking the thieves and the Muppets. Only time will tell if they can catch the cunning Constantine and save Kermit from his incarceration.

The best thing about Jason Segel’s The Muppets was the music and casting and it was always going to a tough ask to create the same magic. In short it is not quite as good in either department, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t great all the same. Gervais’ Badguy was always going to be a wobbly choice but he steers clear of his normal shtick to deliver a decent villain, but it’s Fey and Burrell that really deliver the goods. Fey is on top form, as Russian Gulag commander Nadya, as she lusts after her new prisoner Kermit and gets him involved in the annual prison variety show. Her musical number is great. Burrell it seems can do no wrong and he delivers in spades as the French Interpol agent. He is working with top-drawer material and the jokes come thick and fast with a repetitive joke about his European work ethic continually entertaining.

The musical numbers are great with Tina Fey’s The Big House, Ricky Gervais’ No.1/No.2 and Burrell’s Interrogation the stand out moments, but in honesty there isn’t a bad song in the mix. The script is strong, the jokes are well timed and as is the norm it features some great cameos. As mentioned already there are repetitive jokes in the mix but they never fail to entertain and in some cases get funnier in repetition.

A strong follow up to their rebirth Muppets Most Wanted is entertaining fun for all the family and features some of the best comedic performances on screen this year; definitely worth a trip to the cinema.