Narrated by Liam Neeson tells the story of two sets of brothers who have chosen to partake in what is probably the most unsafe sport in the world – Joey and Robert Dunlop and the new face of the sport Michael and William Dunlop.

Telling the story of Joey’s rise to fame through his various wins at races and a few of the closest people around him at the time, we are taken on a tour of Joey’s life from his very beginnings when he used to ride two-stroke machines all the way up to the 1970’s when he was fast making a name for himself. There is a lot of heartache in this story and it really shows throughout the documentary. Joey was known for not liking compliments or doing interviews but they film makers do manage to get a few words from him in there.

Robert became interested while his brother was at the top of his game and became a racer himself. These guys knew how to play the game, Robert knew he had to be different and he presented that to the world. Robert was more media savvy and there are a lot more interviews with him. A few quotes from him include “The thrill of racing and getting home outweighs the fear”. They knew what they were getting in to. They knew the risks but still did it anyway. This is something which I find both inspiring.

Through the people closest to them at the time, you get the real sense that they were willing to do anything for their sport and nothing is more evident when in his late 40’s Joey Dunlop took on the toughest circuit and won. This man was a living God in the road racing world. Is it any wonder that the family tradition was passed down to the younger generation?

William and Michael Dunlop began their interest in road racing as children when their Dad Robert was at the top of his game. They have both seen the tragedy it can cause, they lost their uncle and their Dad due to the sport, yet they still carry on with it. They both say that they living on the edge feels good and that they have no real life outside of racing, though I suppose when you come from the legacy of being a Dunlop there really wasn’t any option was there?

Not only are we treated to the story of the Dunlops, Road is full of fantastic action shots that will leave you wanting to leave the cinema and jump on a bike yourself!

Road is a story of tragedy and sadness. It is also a story of sheer determination and doing anything you can to do what you want. It’s important to realise that these guys walk into the races knowing full well what could happen and they are OK with that.

The last line of the documentary sums up a lot of what goes on in the world of road racing

It is the nature of road racing that tragedy is inevitable but there’s always the hope of euphoria.

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