We Are the Best! (Vi är bäst!)


Bobo and Klara are outcasts in school, the youth centre and in Bobo’s case at home. They are in love with punk music and everything that goes with it; the only problem – punk is dead. But, it’s their escape from those that either don’t care about them or ridicule them for the same things that all children tend be ridiculed for, being different. For Bobo as a follower and pleaser things are quite grim. Her mother appears to care little for her daughter as she entertains friends and men in a manner that is just plain wrong. Klara has a much more stable family at home, although, the parenting does seem questionable in its own right. When they decide to form a punk band, even though they can’t play musical instruments, it seems a fool’s errand but they may prove everyone wrong.

Having just watched the brilliant Mark Cousins documentary A Story of Children and Film, this film serves to again highlight the brilliance that children can bring to the screen in portraying the most complex and damaged of individuals. All three young girls are brilliant throughout and they own the respective roles of leader, follower and religious freak with ease.

It addresses the standard coming of age elements of outcast and family issues in a standard fashion and as with all groups of friends there is betrayal at some point. The specific betrayal is a little one-dimensional but in all likelihood is reflective of how young girls would act in that situation. Maybe hoping for something a little more inventive is more a sign of greedy audience than a lack of imagination. What really works throughout is the comedic side of the story with the girls well armed to deal with their respective combatants, be they peer group or parental. One particular scene involving a guitar lesson will definitely have you cracking up; it’s cringe worthy and hilarious at the same time.

While it doesn’t break new ground as coming of age films go it is nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable story with truly hilarious moments and great chemistry between the three young leads. Hate The Sport!