Entertaining and sophisticated. The characters are a bit thin and the dialogue can be clunky, but this is intelligent sci-fi which will have you chewing over the moral themes raised.
21 & Over won't make you love college comedies but if you like the sub-genre already then you'll have a good time here.
Denial is a fascinating look at the Holocaust. With great acting and a weighty subject matter, it is a remarkable but flawed film.
Out this Friday for all you slasher fans is Freaky from director Christopher Landon. This film stars Vince Vaughn and...
A genuine attempt to create a new story that can be accessed by younger generations as well as older. More importantly, Terminator Genisys is full of fun.
A disappointingly dull action comedy. Feels like a straight-to-video rip-off of Men of Black made with absolutely no effort or budget.