Education: Introduction to the business of film and film production with Underground Films

Do you want to work in the film business? Do you have what it takes to make your own film? If you answered yes then we have good news as award-winning Irish production company Underground Films is offering a comprehensive weekend course that acts as an introduction to the business of film and film production

Underground Films are best known for their feature documentaries The Pipe, Tana Bana, and One Million Dubliners, but have also produced award-winning feature films, like Terry McMahon’s Patrick’s Day, as well as acclaimed short films, such as Sandboy, Home, and 4 Queens.

Their course will be presented by experienced producers, and includes insight on Practical Production Skills and what to expect on a shoot, from the basics, to the art of pitching your film.

It will also cover areas such as Script development, Cast and Acting, Crew Locations, dealing with Gear, Action Vehicles, Stunts, Media, Budget, Legal requirements, Insurance, Clearances, Archive material, Contracts, Music & Music Licences, Accounts, Film Paperwork & Reports, Schedules, and Transport.

Their Introduction to Producing will cover:

  1. Working relationships between Writer, Director and Producer
  2. Story and Script Development
  3. Financing your Film
  4. Production
  5. Marketing, Distribution and Film Festivals

The first Weekend Course starts on Saturday September 19th (10.00-17.00) & Sunday September 20th (10:00-17:00), and will be based in Dublin City Centre.

To Book or for more information, contact Underground Films on (01) 444 9064 or email