Fantastic Mr Anderson - Wes Anderson Season

#Event: Fantastic Mr Anderson season at Light House Cinema, March 5th to 30th

The folks at Light House Cinema are huge fans of Wes Anderson and they know you are too! So, for the month of March they will finally bring audiences a full retrospective of the films of Wes Anderson, finishing up with a massive Wes Anderson party on the opening night of his new film Isle of Dogs on 30th March. A filmmaker so famed for his idiosyncratic visual aesthetic that his storytelling prowess is sometimes overshadowed, but as a writer and a director, Wes Anderson’s films have a welcome balance of biting humour and generosity of spirit that make his work a joy to experience on the big screen.

Tickets can be purchased via the Light House website.

Bottle Rocket

March 5th, 3pm & 8.45pm
Based on his short black & white film of the same name, Bottle Rocket is audience’s first introduction to the colourful world of Wes Anderson and frequent collaborators Luke and Owen Wilson. Bottle Rocket is a crime caper and a road movie about three friends who embark on a (mis)adventure in the world of crime. Full of Anderson’s trademark sense of humour and complex, neurotic characters, this is a great introduction to the world of Wes.


March 9th, 10.45pm
March 10th, 3pm
The film that really got Wes Anderson noticed internationally, Rushmore follows Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman), a student obsessed with his school, Rushmore Academy, but less for its academia than for extracurricular events. Rushmore features a superb supporting performance from Bill Murray as a wealthy industrialist who becomes a friend and love rival to Max for the affections of teacher Miss Cross. Here, Anderson’s style really comes into its own and the film has become a comedy classic and icon of 90s indie cinema.

The Royal Tenenbaums 35mm


March 13th, 3pm & 8.30pm
March 16th, 10.45pm
March 18th, 3pm
Arguably Wes Anderson’s masterpiece, The Royal Tenenbaums is an elegantly told story about a family of child geniuses who grow up to be, in their own ways, disappointing. On the surface the film is full of Anderson’s trademark stoic camerawork, stylised production design and autumnal colour palette but has a beautiful heart that allows its deeply flawed characters to earn our affection. Featuring quintessential performances from a truly exceptional ensemble cast, The Royal Tenenbaums is a true modern classic.

The Darjeeling Limited 35mm

March 14th, 3pm & 8.30pm
March 17th, 3pm
One of the most visually striking of Anderson’s films, The Darjeeling Limited makes full use of an extensive colour palette based upon the film’s setting, India. The film follows three American brothers as they try to reconnect with each other on an epic train journey through India whilst dealing with their complex pathos along the way. A gorgeous film, best experienced on the big screen.
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

March 21st, 3pm & 8.30pm
March 23rd, 10.45pm
What’s not to love about this rag-tag bunch of sea-faring men and women and their complicated leader Steve Zissou? Wes Anderson has a knack for bringing us colourful, crazy, mis-matched families and this one is something very special. Join the notorious oceanographer and his crew as the attempt to track down and exact revenge upon a mythical shark who killed Zissou’s partner. Beloved by many, this is one benefits from watching with a fun, enthusiastic audience.

Moonrise Kingdom

March 24th, 3.30pm
March 28th, 3pm & 8.45pm
Wes Anderson’s unique brand of dreamy nostalgia works beautifully here in this story of young love set around a seaside village in New England. A romantic, frank and hilarious look at two very dramatic teenagers as they are drawn to each other and decide to pursue their love at any cost. Moonrise Kingdom is exceptionally lovely and we can’t wait to revisit it.

The Grand Budapest Hotel: Prosecco and Patisserie
March 24th, 12.00pm event 1pm film

Light House Cinema will host a very special “prosecco and patisserie” afternoon screening of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel on Saturday 24th March. Your ticket will include a glass of prosecco or a Grand Budapest-themed cocktail along with beautiful patisserie treats, inspired by the film and a ticket to a screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel at 1pm.

Fantastic Mr Fox

March 25th, 3pm
The Light House folks are massive fans of Wes Anderson’s first foray into the world of stop-motion animation. Based upon Roald Dahl’s short novel about a fox whose main thrill in life is antagonising three horrible farmers who live nearby. Anderson’s creation is a somewhat more complex antihero who, despite his love for his wife and teenage son, can’t quite bring himself to move on from his glory days of chicken-killing and settle into domestic life. One for all the family.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

March 29th, 3pm & 8.30pm
A very recent classic, The Grand Budapest Hotel, tells a story within a story within a story of the history of a fictional Grand Budapest Hotel through the eyes of a former lobby boy whose life has remained forever interlinked to hotel and his former employer M. Gustave. A visual feast and with a hilarious lead performance from Ralph Fiennes, we’re delighted to bring one of our favourites back to the big screen.

Wes Anderson Party + Isle of Dogs

29th March
Party – 9pm
Isle of Dogs Screening – 00.00am
Get your costumes ready to celebrate the release of Wes Anderson’s new film Isle of Dogs! We’re excited to host a Wes Anderson Fancy Dress Party on 29th March. Don’t miss your chance to share a cocktail with your fellow fans and walk amongst a plethora of Tenenbaums, Zissous, Lobby Boys (and girls!), and maybe even some “quote- unquote “fantastic”” Mr Fox’s as we take over the entire building with Wes Anderson themed fun, topped off at midnight with your first chance to see his new film, Isle of Dogs.

The season artwork comes from Steve McCarthy, a Dublin based designer, illustrator and bearded gentleman. His style is bold, colourful and inspired by humour and wit. Working with a mix of practical and digital techniques, Steve’s work feels most comfortable somewhere between the Beatles Yellow submarine and Dumbo’s pink elephants. In 2016 he won best illustration at the Irish design awards, and in 2017 his second children’s book ‘A Sailor went to sea’ won the bord gais children’s book of the year. He also worked as a background designer for the animated feature film Song of the Sea, which was nominated for an academy award. Steve plans to continue producing children’s picture books and use illustration in all manner of weird and wonderful projects as long as people are willing to let him.