Margin Call nabs a cast

One actor I’m always keen to see more of is Kevin Spacey. Even in his lesser roles he is never short of completely watchable.

It’s very good news then that he’s teaming up with Paul Bettany, Simon Baker (star of the really good TV series The Mentalist), Zachary Qunito and Stanley Tucci in Quinto’s pet project Margin Call.

The movie focuses on a single day at an investment bank, just as the financial crisis hits in 2008. Baker plays a top-tier broker, while Bettany is lined up for the part as a gung-ho trader, full of self-confidence, bravo and bluster. Spacey, Tucci and Quinto make up the rest of the company men in this Glengarry Glen Ross meets Wall Street meets Rogue Trader type movie.

Financial misdealing is a topic-de-jour in this recession hit time and if first-time writer/director JC Chandor and producer Quinto can pull this one together they’ll be on to a winner. I’m a sucker for a good ensemble cast.

Shooting starts next week so expect an early/mid 2011 release.